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Process & Pricing

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We begin by gathering information about your financial set up, and discuss your goals and concerns. Discovery is an ongoing process, as circumstances, goals and objectives can change with time.


Analyze icon


We review your financial information, analyze your current approach, look for opportunities to address your needs better, and focus on strategies to move you closer toward your goals. 




When presenting recommendations, we walk you through the reasoning behind them. Reviewing advantages and disadvantages of different approaches, we empower you to make smart financial decisions.



We break the financial planning process into digestible pieces, meeting multiple times throughout the year to provide accountability and encourage steady progress toward your goals, making adjustments as necessary.



Client fees and the scope of our work together are determined and explained during the initial meeting process. NFP fees are set as either a percent of assets under management, or they are set as a retainer fee. Noto Financial Planning’s minimum asset level for new clients is $1 million.  

If you would like to learn more, contact us.