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NFP works with people that are committed to making progress toward their long term financial goals. Financial and investment advice is provided looking for ways to make things simpler for you, but your active participation is still an integral part of the process. We cut through the noise so that you can make more confident financial decisions.



Living abroad is an amazing experience, providing exposure to new cultures and people from around the world. Financially speaking, making progress toward financial goals can become more difficult when dealing with challenges such as multiple currencies and different tax rules. Tony is familiar with these issues on a first hand basis after living in Shanghai and Hong Kong for 8 years. He has been advising expats on financial planning and investments since 2008. 

Some common concerns expatriates have: 
 How much more should I be saving for retirement since I am not contributing to social security?
 For an American married to a non-American, what are the tax implications and opportunities?
 Where should an expat invest? Does an offshore pension make sense?
 Are my risks addressed with insurance?


Busy Professionals 

Busy with careers and life in general, day to day financial decisions are often made without a grasp of how they affect the big picture. Defining your goals and developing a plan to work toward them, will help you gain better control of your finances. The earlier you get started and snap out of an autopilot type of approach, the more control you have over potential outcomes.

Some common concerns busy professional have: 
 Am I saving enough for retirement?
 How much and where should we be saving for children’s education expenses, and how will it affect retirement?
 How does real estate fit into everything?
 Are there ways I could be lowering my tax bill?


People Approaching Retirement 

Following a significant event like selling your business, or after decades of diligent saving, wealth preservation is a top concern. Some of the challenges you face heading into retirement include increasing life expectancies, increasing healthcare costs, and low interest rates. To mitigate the risks you are taking, the transition toward a portfolio built for retirement should take place gradually over time. 

Some common concerns people approaching retirement have:
 How much will I be able to safely spend each year without running out of money?
 Should my portfolio look differently in retirement?
 When should I start collecting social security?
 Are there ways I could be lowering my tax bill?